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Development Trend

1.Development and Promotion

The new projects such as the special cable department, automobile wiring harness and smart antenna have entered the period of expansion and the old ones will continue to improve. As a result, in the next three years, the CAGR of the new projects will remain above 30%.

2.Global Market

Accelerate the construction of Thailand and Myanmar subsidiaries and improve overseas supply capacity.

3.Internet of Things

The development of smart antenna technology, the antenna will go from passive antenna module to active smart antenna solution to meet the future trend of development of IoTs (Internet of Things).

4.Electric Vehicle Field

The research and development of full vehicle wiring harness as well as the product support capabilities will be in line with the future development trend of electric vehicles.

5.Optical Communication

Enhance the development of high-frequency & high-speed wired connection technology, and gradually enter the optical communications connection field.

6.International Market

The Group will continue to accelerate the establishment of an international marketing network and strengthen its ability to connect with international markets.

7.Development Goals

HongLin Group will keep "gathering of elite talents, building excellent enterprises, creating first-class value, striving to be the industry pioneer" as the long-term goal to make the company become one of the most competitive companies.

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